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Nofirm: A brand for those who really love fashion

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Almu Lingerie started to work with No Firm to bring fashion back to reality
We are No Firm, a new brand that brings fashion back to reality. Nofirm is a new way of shopping. Designers design. You pre-purchase. It reaches the minimum goal. We produce it. You receive it.

by Sola

What is NO FIRM?
NO FIRM is a fashion brand where designers and customers share designs, desires, needs and aspirations in order to create real fashion, made by and for real people. 
What makes NO FIRM different? 
- NO FIRM is a platform for designers and customers who are seeking a new relationship with fashion based on love, respect and freedom.
- NO FIRM is a fashion brand that has no opinion about fashion, but that gives designers a space with total freedom to create their own.
- NO FIRM is a company that handles the maintenance of the digital platform; communications with designers; management and production of the designs; and shipping, returns and customer service.
- NO FIRM is a business founded on respect, trust and honesty. These concepts go beyond words to infuse all of our actions.
- NO FIRM is a commitment model based on healthy business and personal relationships. 

Design by Martina Cella

How does NO FIRM work?
Designers send their creations to NO FIRM to be published on our platform where customers can buy them, share them and recommend them. At NO FIRM, production is determined by need. Each design much reach a minimum number of pre-orders to be produced. Customers can also create Wants, or join Wants that already exist, as a way of letting designers know their needs and desires. In this way, both designers and customers get the chance to express themselves, and share and create their own fashion.
What is the purpose of NO FIRM?
NO FIRM is a community of people with a shared goal: to bring fashion back to the real world. 

You can be a part of us.




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