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"Esta Noche Soy Una Princesa" comes to the launch of Almu Lingerie



The bloggers behind "Esta Noche Soy Una Princesa", Sandra and Emma, came to the launch event of Almu Lingerie. Here their review

"Many times I've mention that to feel beautiful we need to start with the inside. To be elegant, beautiful and sexy in the exterior we need to feel comfortable with our own body and intimate apparel is the first step to feel special. These are the garments closest to our skin, while we dream, walk etc.. this are the garments we first put on while we get dressed. And this is why lingerie is essential.

Not long ago I've met a new intimate apparel brandALMU LINGERIE, a new line that was born with lots of hope, hope from a young Spanish designer that has supported our land to develop her lingerie firm. Her garments are made with natural fabrics and hand died to not damage the skin and let it breath.


Also they are reusing techniques of embroidery, dying and manufacturing to create unique garments. A wonderful collection for women that choose to be comfortable, feel secure and reach their dreams and goals. I thought it was lovely and I hope that you feel the same way."

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